The success of modern business is unthinkable without victories, failures of individual entrepre-neurs, large and medium-sized businesses. At a certain stage, any project becomes unprofitable. A business is transforming into a stage of volatility.
Risk management does not always allow you to bring the business of a lifetime from the point of loss-free.
Own trademark and service mark are able to come to the rescue of business, which revitalize the business, bring a new impetus, great ideas, and most importantly the personalization of goods, works, services.
Article 1225 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation allows business entities to create and develop their own trademarks and service marks, the hallmark of which is monetary capitalization.
Even the simplest graphic image, compatible with the biographical history of success or decline, can revive trade, production, and the service sector.
A trademark does not require large financial injections, it is easy to understand for the consumer market, its main criteria can be: legality, non-customary, originality, original simplicity.
Some entrepreneurs are afraid to work with trademarks and service marks, preferring a regular supply contract or a retail sale contract. Even significantly attractive in this aspect are commercial concession agreements on commodity franchises. Sometimes it’s more profitable and easier to use well-known trademarks than to create your own.
But the local businessmen who created their trademark and “did not lose it” during the first three or five years have special pride. Such people take a different look at business prospects, more actively take an example from well-known brands.
A trademark is neither more nor less - an ordinary graphic picture, supported by a title of protection issued by a government agency.

Colossal opportunities are opened by a trademark and a service mark, but specifically:
- getting rid of the actual and psychological problems of the “frozen business”;
- minimization of investments in current advertising;
- the possibility of material branding (labels, pens, trinkets, souvenirs, quality marks, etc.);
- business capitalization without direct investment;
- increase in the market value of shares and stocks of the company;
- the ability to fight in the competition with the largest manufacturing and trading companies and defeat them;
- recognition of goods, work, services;
- the loss of "children's trading diseases of the business";
- opening of own online stores;
- creation of a branch network, separate divisions;
- the ability to hire the best of the best employees;
- elimination of the “top dead center of business” phase;
- creation of support and reserve funds, access to own funds;
- liquidation of loan portfolios, etc.

The lawyer has significant experience in creating and working with trademarks, service marks, risk management. Legal services of a lawyer may also be needed in matters of corporate building a business on the basis of monetary brand policy, when the business has fully occupied a niche and is not able to grow up with the previous team and when it is necessary for the business to go out of its own funds.