The staffing of the business is an urgent and sensitive issue. If not all, then a lot depends on who works in a team. Incorrect management decisions in the field of hiring and dismissal can cause losses and loss of business. Current financial indicators consist not only of loan portfolios, busi-ness models, management, but also the coordinated work of the whole team.

The times of the USSR are over. The management team is very young. Among business owners, you can see very young and inexperienced people. However, such persons have a modern educa-tion in combination with a flexible psychological climate of the staff.
A rhetorically difficult question: who and how much to take for work always arises and does not lose its relevance over time.
The wage labor market has some features, therefore, the employee to a certain extent must meet the following criteria related to labor law.
Education and work experience. It should be specialized, if possible full-time, obtained in state higher education institutions.
Stress resistance. This is the ability of a personnel unit to carry out its labor activity during a working day under conditions of stress, multitasking, conflicts, client’s objections, management’s instructions, without losing current performance indicators. Simply put, stress and rhythm should not affect the results of work.
Ability to work alone and as a team. Labor activity can be associated with individual personal work, when no one interferes with a person, his functions are of a separate nature. Teamwork involves a situation where an employee is an element of a “living labor system” and he is obliged to quickly, on time and in a coordinated manner do part of his work. Employers attach great im-portance to the ability to psychologically and in fact adapt to the team and bring the result to the end. In practice, it is so that an incorrectly selected staff with a pronounced psychological setting of a “lone harsh employee” is able to destroy all production and financial indicators. Instead of normal work, there are going to the bosses, complaints against each other, inability to plan a working day, lack of terms and a prospective vision of risks, personification of the situation on oneself, “undercover fuss”, intrigue, etc.
Therefore, an employee with a brilliant education and valuable experience can sometimes do an-ything at work, but not the work itself, focusing the attention of the management and founders on themselves and their unique style.
fficiency of an employee is the efficiency of a labor unit, the essence of which is that each employee individually has certain percentage indicators of success, productivity, and the quality of his labor per unit of time in comparison with similar average statistics for the industry.
So, for example, one employee in a month is able to sell ten new cars, and another employee only one car.
Management skill is a qualitative factual and psychological characteristic of a leading labor unit, the essence of which is the natural ability to subordinate and manage the work collective.
Probably, every person in his youth dreamed of a career as he goes a difficult way and becomes a leader. But life and fate dictate their conditions, so some workers never become leaders in their lives.


Why is this happening?
The thing is that the leader and the ordinary worker are two sharply contrasting labor units. An employee is a person who is obliged to perform the labor functions clearly spelled out in his instructions, without the presence and implementation of managerial skills by personnel.
A leader is an employee who has a pronounced natural skill in managing personnel, combined with the ability to see the risks, prospects, pluses and minuses of the team as a whole and each employee individually. The leader knows how to plan work, correctly formulates the goals and objectives of the team, helps employees in difficult situations, shows by personal example how to do the work. A successful leader is one whose leader is recognized by the majority of the members of the work collective, and they are subordinate to him in their work.
The degree of conflict and the ability to work on errors. Different people interact with each other in different ways. There are facts of personal hostility, service romances, friendship, open or hidden rivalries, etc. All these are reasons for the deterioration of the psychological climate and work results.


The lawyer has sufficient experience in the field of labor law. Skillfully and efficiently provide legal services for the reception, dismissal of ordinary employees, general, technical, financial and other directors, chief accountants. The lawyer will help in difficult conflict situations occurring in labor collectives, check documents and biographies of applicants, help founders in complex personnel management issues, understand situations of industrial accidents, damage and shortages, provide other personnel assistance and legal service.
Labor law is one of the most accurate branches of law in Russia.
Legal papers in this area must be weighed, error-free, timely.