Show business, art, craft

The Russian show business is an independent sector of the national economy, in which singers, performers, actors, producers, models, cameramen, film concerns, artists, directors, animators, advertising workers, costumers and other people work.
Their relations may be regulated by labor, corporate, civil, tax and other branches of law. Employment contracts, agreements in the field of implementation and protection of intellectual rights, contracts for the use of the image of an individual, contracts for commercials are concluded.
The dynamically developing market of show business dictates its conditions. New legal situations are emerging that require a legal approach and legal documents.
Contracts between show business entities should take into account the specifics of this sphere, respect for the rights and legitimate interests of the parties, original legal decisions to protect intellectual rights and personal non-property rights.
The digitalization of society, the availability of the Internet sets a new vector for the development of public relations. Internet sites and social networks help people communicate. Controversial situations of commercialization of labor of models, performers, singers, famous personalities also appear.

The art sector needs legal assistance.
In legal practice, social relations may arise, which at first glance are not regulated by law, but in the future having either a commercial criterion or a criterion for a possible dispute. The combination of personal communication, different views, approaches in creating works of science, literature, art make art little protected from the point of view of law. Not every artist, sculptor, writer owns the intricacies of law.
For creative individuals, legal protection issues do not always come to the fore. When creating this or that material object of art, it should be understood that in addition to personal non-property rights, commercial, contractual, and hereditary relations may arise. By themselves, such situations without the help of a lawyer may not be resolved correctly.
An artist’s painting grows in price over time, like a commodity. An artist may receive a legal fee for the creation of a sketch or drawing of a future trademark under a contract. The writer has the right to legal remuneration for the literary work he created.

Russian business is developing in the field of crafts.
The subjects of the craft business create unique goods, works, services, which include original author's furniture, designer interiors, landscape design, rare technical solutions in many areas, specific goods and services.
Craft business, as a rule, produces goods, work and services for sophisticated consumers, demanding customers, and bright personalities who know exactly what they want. In this regard, the question of the quality of the goods is becoming somewhat acute. For example, household furniture, custom-made by the client, can be both unique in design and expensive in price due to the use of rare materials.
The aforementioned circumstance imposes reputation and financial risks on the artisan entrepreneur in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. To minimize which, contracts for the creation of a sketch or design of goods, contracts for the retail sale of exclusive goods, contracts for the provision of services for the assembly and delivery of exclusive goods to the client, and other contracts are necessary. Among the craftsmanship and business should also include finishing work, repair shops, tuning studios, car workshops and others.

Thus, a qualified legal assistance of a lawyer can be useful in the field of show business, art, craft.