Contracts are written or electronic documents concluded between enterprises. Contracts are called agreements, contracts.
The importance of any contract is a balance of interests of the parties. The contract must be drafted in accordance with the requirements of law and commercial practice.

The current international and national contract has the following features:

- Combination of interests of the parties
- Compliance with market conditions
- Qualified presentation of the text
- Availability of payment mechanism and price
- Rights and obligations of the parties
- Commercial purpose of the contract
- Ability to terminate the contract
- The possibility of the expiration of the contract
- Judicial jurisdiction
- The procedure for amending the provisions of the contract
- Penalties
- Other features

The successful operation of the enterprise is based on qualified contracts.

Contracts can be complex, simple, standard, with an element of variable specification, electronic and others.
Large enterprises have their own contracts, which, as a rule, cannot be changed. The other party can only accept the terms of such a contract.
Medium and small firms have small contracts, which are the basis of their business.
Risks of contracts is legal work combined with commercial, industrial, and commercial necessity.
Harmonization contract terms is a complex and laborious legal work. Incorrect legal decisions and language are the basis of legal cases and undesirable disputes.

Lawyers around the world work every day to reduce contract risks.

Contracts and their items:

- Products
- Works
- Services
- Cars
- Machine tools
- Equipment
- Substances
- liquids
- Electronics
- Oil
- Gas
- Construction Materials
- Food
- Other items