Attorney Zinkovsky Maxim Aleksandrovich has the degree of candidate of legal sciences and academic rank. Work experience in the legal specialty is more than 15 years, which has gradually developed in the positions of legal adviser, head of the legal department, financial director and attorney. The attorney specializes in providing legal services for Russian and foreign business in Belgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, Bryansk, Lipetsk, Moscow and other regions of Russia in the following areas:

- banking law;

- bankruptcy law;

- civil law;

- contract law;

- medical law;

- international private law;

- international trade law;

- tax law;

- intellectual property law;

- procedural law;

- business law;

- consumer law;

- insurance law;

- labor law;

- commercial law;

- transport law;

- financial law.


The main ways and directions of providing legal services are:
- subscription (permanent) legal support of economic activity;
- one-time (single) legal services;
- oral, written legal recommendations (conclusions);
- drafting legal documents;
- legal services to foreign companies;
- legal analysis of financial, tax, bankrupt, corporate, managerial and legal risks of the enterprise;
- legal outsourcing;
- legal support of accounting, fiscal policy, management processes:
- money, credit, banks: financial and legal aspects;
- legal processes of the enterprise economy;

- educational explanation (interpretation) of the current legislation and its implementation to employees and owners (shareholders) of the enterprises in the form of consultations, seminars, business meetings



When providing legal services, an attorney seeks to improve their quality, speed, effectiveness and affordability for business.

Legal services are provided by appointment or with an attorney.



Tel +79056793484.

Office: Belgorod, St. L. Tolstoy, 37/10.