Remote (virtual) legal services

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the lawyer provides remote (virtual) legal services to Russian and foreign businesses using cellular channels, email, Viber, WhatsApp, and Russian Post.
Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, remote legal services have their advantages and features.
The speed and mutual remoteness allow us to simultaneously protect ourselves and loved ones from actual contact and resolve legal situations.

Use of modern Internet technologies.
Reduced travel costs in public transport, company car, taxi, personal transport.
Saving personal and working time for traffic jams, optimizing the route when meeting with a lawyer.
Ability to contact a lawyer at the right time.
The lawyer will help in doing business, point out the legal, financial, managerial, tax and other risks.
The lawyer will help in the development of contract forms, check current contracts, arrange complex places in such documents.
The lawyer will provide legal assistance in the preparation of corporate documents of increased complexity: charters; internal provisions; personnel orders; registration of industrial accidents; accounting regulations; fire safety regulations; trade rules; safety instructions; accounting docu-ments; documents of control and video control of the working day mode; documents in the field of inventory items; building a branch network; the creation of separate divisions; creation of online stores; trademark registration and more.
Remote (virtual) legal services are cheaper in price, and with constant legal services their cost is several times different from the costs of the legal department or other legal unit. Financial sav-ings are achieved by the absence of the need for clients to pay for the work of full-time lawyers, organize their jobs, pay taxes on employees, purchase and maintain office copy / computer equipment and its software (Word, Excel, Consultant Plus, Guarantor, 1C Accounting, etc. .).

Remote (virtual) legal services are addressed to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Such services are not superfluous, and the client has the opportunity to seek help from a lawyer as necessary, significantly reducing their own current business expenses for planned or emergency legal services.
Remote (virtual) legal services are made out in accordance with the law.
Thus, remote (virtual) legal services are provided by an advocate using the Internet, mobile communications, email, Viber, WhatsApp, Russian Post.